Lufthansa Business Class from EWR-FRA

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After settling into the Senator Club for a while, we seamlessly boarded the plane and began our flight.



We were in the old configuration of the business class, and the lie down option was really awkward.

We found the best way to get comfortable was to use the remote to lift up the legs as much as possible and then manually lay backwards.  The default setting left my legs asleep very quickly!



The meal options were really decent.


It covered a variety of options, so whether we were hungry or just looking for a light meal, we’d be satisfied.

The menu was also themed as New York cuisine.

I had the Nantucket Scallops:


And my mother opted for the Ricotta, which looked amazing:


The scallop option was very good, though I did not like the cubed ham pieces as much as I liked all the other components.  It was very fresh and light, and the ham tasted saltier and less fresh.


Our salad came shrink-wrapped:


And I always enjoy a good pretzel roll:



We both opted for the Beef Tenderloin for dinner:


They came around, dolloping extra sauce on our dishes.  And to be honest, that’s what really made the entrée.  My mother passed on extras, but after seeing my plate, asked for a helping of sauce too.

It was very tender, and the mashed potatoes didn’t have that graininess to them in-flight potatoes sometimes have.


We both opted out of dessert and instead imbibed some Baileys & coffee:



After a long nap, we passed on breakfast too—planning on grabbing some at the Hilton Frankfurt once we arrived.

I wish we had the new configuration, but to be honest, we didn’t really know the difference anyway, so still enjoyed our flight.

My one downfall was the chocolate.  Oh boy.  Why was chocolate my downfall?  If you have to ask that, you never read this post.

We arrived in Frankfurt, fresh and ready to start the day–despite the lack of sleep we got with the time change.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip. LH old C is so awkward but workable from the east coast. And to serve the salad with saran wrap on it is very poor for C service. What are they thinking? you weren’t in Y!

  2. No pictures of the chocolate? 😉

  3. If you arrived in business class, you were entitled to use the LH Arrivals lounge, which is on the baggage level. It has a full warm breakfast, and great showers.

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