“Flight Attendant” Instructions for Soldiers and Military Contractors in Afghanistan

Here’s a set of flight instructions aboard a plane in Afghanistan, carrying soldiers and military contractors.  It is quite different from the flight instructions I am used to… and I am really impressed that when the speaker asks for “two and a half minutes” of their time, it literally IS two and a half minutes.

From the YouTube explanation:

Flying across Afghanistan isn’t like taking a trip to Disney World. Listen and Learn as the “Flight Attendant” welcomes soldiers and military contractors on the flight between Bagram Airfield and FOB Sharana. This video was taken by “Honor Bound” producer, Raymond Bechard.

My favorite quote? After explaining you should tamper with the smoke detector:  “Lavatory doesn’t work. It’s off limits. Therefore, you shouldn’t be in there to destroy it.”


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  1. Glenn (The Military Frequent Flyer)

    This is what happens when creative people experience Groundhog Day and have to make things up to amuse themselves. They are riding on a nicer plane than anything that I ever flew in the war zone!

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