’s Vacation Clothing Sale

I just wanted to drop a quick note about’s vacation style sale.  While they offer some great pieces for travel, they don’t really explain why.

Many of the pieces are jersey pieces.  Jersey is stretchy, lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle easily.  The perfect items to pack in a suitcase and travel in (and go through security in 😛 )

I mostly travel in jersey dresses.  I love packing my suitcase so light I shock the gate agent, and I really love having flow-y dresses that don’t need to be ironed after I unpack them.

Unfortunately, the website is password protected past that main page, so while I am going to point out some picks I like, you will need to log in to see them.  If you sign up using my link, I will get referral credit if you make a purchase, so feel free to sign up without that link if you would like.  I don’t mind ;)  I am showing these off simply because I thought they looked great (and I’ve been staring at the dresses for the last half hour)

Please note these items are final sale so use caution buying them!

A Belted Purple Jersey Dress is Great for Travel
Avaleigh,  Paula Belted Jersey Dress, $69

There are a few things I like about this dress.  First, the jersey fabric and the way the skirt flares out makes for a very comfortable dress.  I think the color is gorgeous and the price is great for this item.  But what I really like about it is that belt.  You can take that belt off when flying to be comfortable in flight and then throw it back on to pull the outfit back together–ready to walk right off the plane to a fun destination.

This orange dress is very seasonal and very comfortable for flying.

Twenty, Jersey Belted Racerback Maxi, $89

I want to crawl into this dress right now.  It is loose fitting and oh-so-comfy looking.  The color is really in right now, and I happen to like that color a lot.  Orange is a tough color for most skin tones, but this shade is extremely versatile.  I have a dress already in this color and I feel all happy and bright in it.  Though me owning a dress in the color already is making me really wonder whether I need another in the same color… sigh.

There’s a lot more jersey dresses on the site, so feel free to look around.  I just want to caution about a few things.  People love linen on warm vacations because it is so light-weight, but it wrinkles extremely easily.  Black linen dresses don’t show the wrinkles quite as much, but it is pretty much a given that they will not come out of the suitcase ready-to-wear.

Also, some of the jersey dresses are wrap style across the front.  Because they are so stretchy, be careful in traveling in these.  Falling asleep and shifting the wrong way on the plane could be disastrous.

I’m tempted by a few of the dresses, but I’m being careful because of the no-return policy on these.  I just got really comfy looking dresses from another website but had to send them back.  They were really comfortable, but had such dizzying prints, I was afraid I’d hypnotize the plane.  I got dizzy every time I looked in the mirror!

There are also some cute totes, weekenders, and toiletry bags if you have been shopping for those.

(And I got my shoes from this sale finally, and they were fantastic!  I hope everyone who posted about their selections on facebook’s orders turned out well too 😀 )

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