FourSquare Bringing Back Mayors and More!

a screenshot of a sticker

I wrote about a cryptic message that FourSquare posted a few weeks ago that suggested they were bringing back the things we loved about FourSquare before they Swarmed it up. They said gamification was coming back but they didn’t say in what form.  I was hoping for the old style …

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Learn More Languages for Free

a computer screen with text

I’ve written about DuoLingo before, the free game-ified way of learning languages that I prefer to Rosetta Stone.  Here’s why I prefer it to Rosetta Stone. They just announced that they are releasing new languages. In addition to Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Irish, Swedish, Dutch, and Danish, you can now learn: Turkish Esperanto Norwegian Ukrainian Hungarian Klingon …

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Great Deal on Power Station for Hotel Rooms

a white electrical outlet with two phones

Reader Emily G. passes on this deal she found on It expands the number of outlets you have in a hotel room, plus allows you to plug USBs directly in. The kicker though? It has holders that pop out you can stick your cell phones in rather than (what …

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Getting Meta on the R2-D2 Plane

a blue and white suitcase

View from the Wing linked to the new 787 basically cos-playing as R2-D2. This is the ANA Star Wars Project by, well, ANA. But let’s get a little more meta here. IF you are going to fly on the R2-D2, make sure you are also traveling with this suitcase: Hey …

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