How to Get Hamilton Tickets (without going broke)

Saying “Hamilton is a popular show right now” is beyond an understatement.  Shows are sold out and ticket prices have gone up.  So what’s a frugal traveler to do? Did you know there are still options to see Hamilton for much, MUCH less than the typical ticket price?  (starting at …

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European Deals for ~$400 from the East Coast

Earlier, I wrote about deals available for tomorrow from Boston.  Can’t leave tomorrow?  Good news.  Air France is offering flights in the $400 from the East Coast and Chicago to Paris. Flight Deal has the whole… uh, deal. Fare are available from September to December.  Air France is a member of …

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Get a Free Drink with This New App

This new app will give you one free drink per day in a bar near you. This week’s theme seems to be “drinking for free”.  Yesterday, I write about how to get into Las Vegas clubs for free. Frink is a start-up that just launched in Hoboken, NJ.  Their business model …

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