Get a Free Drink with This New App

This new app will give you one free drink per day in a bar near you.

This week’s theme seems to be “drinking for free”.  Yesterday, I write about how to get into Las Vegas clubs for free.

Frink is a start-up that just launched in Hoboken, NJ.  Their business model is cool.  They get you into a bar by offering you a free drink up front.  Then the bar hopes you stick around.  You can select one bar per day to get a free drink from.  You cannot barhop for multiple free drinks at different bars, as that takes away from their business model.


The service isn’t completely free.  It costs $5 a month (which is how Frink makes its money), but includes one drink per day.  It could be one drink at the same bar for 31 days, or one drink at 31 different bars across the 31 days.

Right now it has only launched in Hoboken to smooth the kinks out, so unless you are very local to that area, wait to sign up.  Once you sign up, you get 15 days free (my link will give you 30 days free), so its worth it to wait it up.

They estimate they will be nationwide soon.  But that doesn’t mean they will be in every city.  Some major cities, such as New York City, ban discounting alcohol by more than 50% through a promotion.  Therefore, they could never implement this specific model here, short of a law change.

(They could do a buy one get one free special, but that moves away from the spirit of this type of app–free drinks, no strings attached).

Once you do try it out, if you use my code, you’ll get the first 30 days free.  I think I get 15 more days free if you sign up via my link.  (It just vaguely says, “earn more free days” blah blah blah).

My code is 7995B3CCE9 and you can find the app here.

Bookmark the site and check back every so often.  By the time it launches, make sure you find someone else’s referral code before you sign up–just so you can get the extra time on the site free.

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