How to Get Hamilton Tickets (without going broke)

Saying “Hamilton is a popular show right now” is beyond an understatement.  Shows are sold out and ticket prices have gone up.  So what’s a frugal traveler to do?

Did you know there are still options to see Hamilton for much, MUCH less than the typical ticket price?  (starting at $139)

I talked before about the Broadway ticket lottery, and how to do it from your house.  Basically, you can get discounted tickets (around $40 for shows) through a lottery process.  Random people will win two tickets.  (Are you random enough to win?)

broadway hamilton tickets

1. Getting tickets online

But Hamilton is a little different.  The Hamilton online ticket lottery offers front-row tickets for $10 a piece.

Simply navigate to this website more than four hours before the performance you want to attend.  Exactly four hours beforehand, they’ll select winners, who then have 60 minutes to select tickets (so there is a small chance of still getting tickets 60 minutes later if someone drops out).

hamilton lottery

2. Live Lotteries

This one involves leg work but has fewer people entering.

A live lottery will be held at the theater for Wednesday matinée performances ONLY. Entries begin at 12 p.m. and winners will be drawn at 12:30 p.m. There will be 21 front row tickets available to lottery entrants. One entry per person. Tickets are $10 each, cash only. Winners must be present to win and must have a photo ID that matches the name drawn.

3. Standing Room Only Tickets

Hamilton does not have an official position on standing room only tickets  However, people have reported getting in through standing room only tickets–available at the box office only a few hours (up until right before the show).

But rumor is that people now start lining up well in advance of the time to buy tickets, so this might be the least productive use of your time.

4. The bottom line

If I were you, I’d enter the online lottery for Hamilton, plan to be a a Broadway show that night, and purchase last-second seats to a classic (also through an app) if you don’t make it in through the lottery.

I’m going to be entering the Hamilton lottery every time I go to New York from now on.  Just hoping.

As a bonus, here’s a video of

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  1. great tips! I wonder if anyone ever wins the lottery. I’ve been doing it everyday and no luck

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