How to Get Amazon Items for Cheap (or even free!) in Exchange for Reviews

With so many products on Amazon, it’s hard for one to stand out among the crowd.  And Amazon likes it that way with outside products.  (They utilize the long-tail method, hoping people come to their website to buy anything).

So a new industry emerged–helping products get Amazon reviews so they end up on people’s radars.

I’ve been using one website called  On it, you can browse through steeply discounted products to find one you would love to own.

In exchange, you need to post a review of the product on Amazon.  While you can post a Snagshout review as well, that isn’t required.

It doesn’t have to be a positive review.  It just needs to be honest.  From the Slot Gacor website:

We expect shoppers to obtain a promo code via Snagshout, then proceed to Amazon to purchase products. After the purchase is complete, shoppers are expected to wait until the product arrives before publishing a review. Upon arrival, shoppers are expected to use the product prior to publishing their honest reviews.

All Snagshout shoppers must include the sentence “This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.” in the review body for all snagged products.

Failure to follow these expectations may result in the suspension of your account.

You need to disclose that you received the item at a discount, but you don’t have to say it was a Snagshout review.

There’s a huge variety of items on the site, from phone chargers to cocoa powder to swim suits.

snagshout review

Claiming the items is easy.  You just “snag” them and you get a promo code to use on Amazon.  You proceed to check out and use the code.

amazon promo code check out snagshare review

If you have Prime, this is even better.  Otherwise, you need to pay for shipping (unless you have enough other items to purchase to put you over $49).  They recommend only purchasing one snagged item at a time because the promo codes tend to conflict with each other.

They ask that you do your review within two weeks, but unlike some other websites I’ve seen, don’t suspend your account for not doing the review in time.  They believe that some items need more time to review, so you just can’t get another item until you’ve reviewed your last item.

I like to sort deals by seeing what is $2 and under or by largest percentage discount.  Some items seem like better deals than others, but I definitely have found items I’ve been meaning to get on the site.

If you see multiple items you would like, look at how many more days it is available and favorite the items that will last longer (to get back to later).

Connecting your social accounts with allow you to snag more than one item at a time, and as you get more credibility with the site, you’ll get snags slowly added.

Edit: Oh, and one time my promo code didn’t work.  I messaged them and they took care of it within 24 hours.

If you sign up through my link, I get some credibility, which might eventually let me have a third snag at a time.

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  1. @Jeanne23 SURKUS has something similar. They pay you when you buy and review certain products, but the products never interest

  2. awesome post. Always wondered how to do this

  3. I use which is similar to Snagshout. As i’m based in the UK it works better for me as they have offers from around the world.
    They also don’t require you to leave reviews!
    Found some good travel accessories there a few weeks ago!

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