Can a Virtual Stylist Pick the Perfect Pieces? (Stitch Fix Review)

A Stitch Fix Review

I wrote that I was trying different remote-styling tools and the Golden Tote was a hit for me.

I had the highest hopes for the Stitch Fix.  The Stitch Fix sells itself as:

Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and our personal stylists will handpick a “Fix” of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest!

It let me fill out a style profile plus asked for my Pinterest pages and any other place I’d post my style inspirations.

You pay $20 to be styled, which can be applied to your order.  If you decide to get everything, you get a discount on top of that.

I tend to like 40s and early 50s inspired clothing, so I sent those boards to them.  I was confused by what I got in the mail.

Here’s what I’m not too embarrassed to post a picture of me in:

A cartoonish hot pink 50ish dress with a fake glued on pearl necklace.

stitch fix review

A really heavy, warm sleeveless fit and flare dress.  This one I considered purchasing but decided against:

stitch fix review

A grey shirt, which was fine, except it was around $50.

stitch fix review

A black shirt that looked like it was a maternity shirt.

stitch fix review


And a pink necklace that arrived broken.

stitch fix review


No problem.  They said you give feedback and they adjust so I tried one more time.

I told them it was too literal and costume-y an application of the 50s theme and I wanted something more classy.

My next order came and I was disappointed.

One of the dresses looked like I Scarlet O’Hara’ed the curtains in a 1950s home.



stitch fix review

And this shirt made me look like I was a subject of impressment and forced into the Royal Navy.

stitch fix review


At this point, I was done with Stitch Fix but I felt guilty posting a negative review without giving them one more time to redeem themselves.

So I gave my feedback and awaited the latest package.

I don’t have photos of this set because Bill couldn’t stop laughing at me and I figured I shouldn’t have pictures that funny on the internet.

But here’s the pictures from the mailing:

stitch fix review

stitch fix review


I cannot begin to explain how frumpy these dresses were–especially the blue one.  When I put it on, Bill immediately burst out laughing.

I’ll stick to the Golden Tote.  They don’t claim to have stylists who “tailor my selection to me,” but they definitely do a better job.

I have one more “box” of these I’m reviewing, but this was definitely my least favorite.

Disclaimer:  I was given affiliate links for this product but I’ve chosen to use no links at all because I do not recommend this.  As I used it, it seemed to get worse, and I don’t want to profit off links in this post to a product I think is subpar.  Check out the Golden Tote and Le Tote for my favorites. 


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  1. A friend of mine tried it and got some really cute stuff, which inspired me to try. With my order, they never even sent it to me! After the amount of time it took to fill out all the info, that was frustrating – but they never charged me either. I ended up leaving it and decided I wasn’t interested anymore.

    But I love your reviews of these services. Really helpful. Thanks!

  2. I could not agree more. My first fix yielded a great pair of black jeans and a cool top. The fixes increasingly got worse. I created a pinterest page per their recommendation and there was nothing they sent that remotely resembled.
    I contacted customer service after I got a fix with five tops – cheap-looking and the most bizarre colored fabrics. They promised me a hand-picked fix and recommended I raise the amount I would be willing to pay per piece. Despite me offering to pay $100 per piece they could not come up with anything I would have worn. Just horrid.

  3. There’s also Designer Mystery Box: It’s a curated box of 3+ designer items, with a total retail value of $500+, specially tailored to your style for as low as $125 (depending on subscription chosen). You can get a $99 deal right now through Kickstarter:

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