Banana Republic Stackable Coupons!

I figured this out once before when we didn’t have a blog and I tried texting everyone I knew.

Banana Republic currently has two coupon codes that will stack together!

BRFORTY (40% off) will stack with STYLE25 (25% off).  Banana has free shipping for orders over $50.  STYLE25 is supposed to only applys for full-priced items, and they BOTH work on them, causing a huge discount.  BUT I found it worked on some sale items, but not all.  Try it out just to see ๐Ÿ˜€

See below:

Banana Republic

Instead of going directly to the Banana Republic site, go to to find the best option for redeeming for miles.


Edit:  I got some questions about how this deal works and how you figure out whether or not this deal works.

Once in a while Banana Republic will have coupons that apply directly to items.  Then there are coupons that will apply to your subtotal.  When you see these two different coupon types on the Banana Republic site, you will almost always be able to combine them.

Because of the different way in which they are applied, it will look strange until you get to check out.

So for that flounce dress I showed above, in my subtotal, only the 25% off will show.

But when I do my overall order, 40% will disappear off my total.

This is because the 25% off coupon applies to the individual items in the order. The 40% off coupon applies to the final order total.

Here’s my actual order:

Banana Republic


The flounce dress is itemized as being 25% off at $75, but 40% is taken off of its entire price.


How do you spot these deals on Banana Republic?

Most (almost all) of Banana Republic’s coupons apply to the subtotal once you are in check out.  IF a coupon ends up taking off a discount when it is listed in your cart, Banana Republic’s system doesn’t realize you have a coupon applied.  It will then let you apply a coupon to the subtotal too.  If you try to apply two subtotal coupons, it will not let you do it.

Since the subtotal coupons are more common, the few times I’ve seen a coupon apply to my items individually in cart, I’ve searched for a coupon that applies to the subtotal during check out.  This will result in a double stack in Banana’s current system.  But if they fix things in the future, YMMV.

Edit:  Hat tip to RetailMeNot 



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  1. Why do you oftenly take other peoples posts from other sites and claim you found it? I’ve seen you do this many times. And you even write “first found on ….” Your blog.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The “appeared first” is what boarding area shows about our blog posts to refer people here, meaning this specific blog post appeared first on our blog and is also broadcast to the main Boarding Area blog. There are many deals in stacking coupons and on other sites that are easy to find out if you visit the sites often, that other people who visit the sites often will also figure out. I laid out my logic in finding deals like this in case you want to take advantage of these deals in the future. This logic works for Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic sites, but I’m mostly a BR fan out of the three.

  2. It doesn’t stack for sale items. In your example just because it says -25 doesn’t mean 25 was taken off the $100 discounted priced. It’s confusing but $100 is actually after the -25 discount. See the total on the bottom.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It looks like that at first, but when you go to check out, it will show you the adjusted total. I’ll post a screen shot of my final purchase in an update on the post right now.

  3. thanks for the tip! just loaded up my cart for some major discounts, woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Like I said it doesn’t really stack. Your first screen print shows $100 and then -25 and then -30 which would bring that items total to $45. On your second screen print it shows $75 which shows the coupons are NOT stacking unless your math works differently.

  5. I just realized that you edited your post to give more of an explanation on what you define as stacking. It’s misleading because when you first search for the product, it already shows up as $100 as the discounted price without using any coupon codes. So when you say the coupons stack, they don’t really. The 25% coupon is ignored and only the 40% coupon is used. Now if one searches for the product and the price initially showed up as $140, then clearly it stacks. But it does not.

  6. To chime in on mikes comment, he has a valid point. At least give credit to the source that discovered this (non stacking) stacking offer. Clearly this was on slickdeals for many hours first before you posted it. Often times when people post travel deals on SD or FW they give credit to bloggers, so don’t understand why it wouldn’t work the other way around for your site.

  7. Sorry I was wrong. You were right. Another 40% taken off the $75 price.

  8. Worked great – thanks! Just got 2 pair of jeans for $28. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thank you for sharing. I got a great deal, and saved a lot of $. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Didn’t happen to me… but my friend’s order was cancelled, reason given the coupons are not stackable

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