Another Awesome Dress Sale on New York & Co

New York and Company currently has a sale on its dresses for 30-60% off.

There’s quite a few cute ones out there:

Fit and Flare

There is also a coupon code 2700 which gives 30% off of “everything else,” but it applies to some of the dresses that are on sale.

It looks to me like it applies to the Eva Mendes brand dresses.

For example:

Eva Mendes Dress


I tried adding them all to my cart separately and all the Eva Mendes ones had an extra discount.

Here are two dresses in my cart:

Shopping Cart


Happy spring season shopping!

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  1. Is this a travel blog or a shopping blog?

    • Both! 🙂

      • Here is your exact description of this blog: “Travel Advice–Sophisticated Travel, Simple Advice. The travels and tribulations of two frequent flyers jumping into the world of travel, sharing their travel advice.

        Join Keri and Jeanne as they tackle mileage runs, elite status, and of course–the perfect travel accessories.”

        To me this means the focus of this blog shoudl be on travel, not a million posts like this one that have nothing to do with travel.

        BoardingArea is a network of blogs that are focused on frequent flyer programs and travel related news and information. If you’re gonna keep posting things like this I think you need to form a separate blog or leave BoardingArea.

        Sorry if that came off harsh. I think many of the things you post can be helpful or informative, but I am tired of seeing postings like this (as well as similar postings on other BoardingArea blogs) that push useful postings off the BoardingArea homepage. BoardingArea seems to be losing its focus and someone needs to clean things up.

        • @jared, if you don’t want to read about shopping, don’t click on the post. It’s as easy as that. Lots of other readers enjoy posts like this. And thanks for proving yourself wrong by citing their description “…and of course, the perfect travel accessories.” Shopping deals fall squarely within this category.

          • First off, I do skip such innane articles. My issue is that posting such as this show up on the BoardingArea main site and push more useful and appropriate articles further down the list or even off the page.

            Also, I most certainly did not prove myself wrong. The quote is “travel accessories.” A dress is certainly not an accessory nor does it have anything to do with travel. Read this post again, it merely mentions a number of dresses and does not say a single thing about travel.

            Thanks for trying really hard to make your point by picking 2 words out of a 2 paragraph quote. I suggest you work on your reading comprehension before making another comment.

  2. 1) You clearly don’t skip the posts if you’re taking the time to comment on them.

    2) This may be shocking to you, but women often wear dresses to travel, making them a travel accessory.

    3) My reading comprehension is just fine, thanks. It’s always great to see yet another internet troll who defaults to insulting someone who disagrees with them.

    • 1) I rarely comment on this site, but was moved to do so by my annoyance at this posting. You might not want to jump to conclusions based on one comment I made, but then again it seems like making assumptions and jumping to conclusions is your specialty.

      2) Thank you for pointing out that women wear dresses. I was unaware of this fact. Perhaps you would like to address my other point about how this posting mentions nothing about travel. It is hard to claim that a posting about dresses relates to travel accessories when the posting does not mention a single thing about travel. Had this posting said something about how the dresses are great for long plane rides or are easy to pack, you might have a point, but alas the posting simply just shows a bunch of pictures of dresses.

      3) Your reading comprehension is not fine as evidences by your failure to understand my point about this posting not mentioning travel for even one sentence. I appreciate you calling me a troll. Unfortunately, it was you who escalated the tone of this exchange to make it aggressive. In fact, before you even left a comment I apologized for being harsh.

      My initial comments before you decided to intercede were calm and rational. You are the one who decided to turn this into a confrontation and you are the one who has turned to name calling. I merely pointed out your lack of reading skills. I did not call you a name, I merely pointed out a fact.

      Would you care to take another try at proving me wrong? Maybe the third time will be the charm.

  3. The blog is called Heels First Travel, Jared. You’ve got to expect some women-focused posts. And yes, us chicks like to shop. Especially for a trip. I have a lot of clothes, but for some reason when I am going on a big fun trip, I need to buy new things. Somehow the dress I wore on my last trip is not quite right for this new trip. Can’t explain it.

  4. I have no issue with woman focused postings. I think there is just a lack of focus on what the subject area of this blog is. Is it a travel blog? Is it a shopping blog? The blog is promoted as a travel blog, so in my opinion the postings should have to do with travel. This posting has absolutelty nothing to do with travel.

    Now if the authors of this blog want to change the focus, thats perfectly fine. They can do whatever the heck they want. But if this is no longer going to be a travel blog then I don’t think it should be part of the BoardingArea network anymore. As I stated in my earlier comment, postings like this one push useful postings off the BoardingArea homepage.

  5. I think that Jared has an arguable point, and I think that he made it well. Why is this post — even if a very fine post — on Boarding Area?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      To J. And Jared, I will say, I do wish there were a way to sometimes not send certain posts to the main BA page because we are aware that we can scroll other posts off. But also, so one blog cannot “own” the front page, you cannot have more than two posts on the front page. Effectively,a t that point we are scrolling off ourselves (and Keri and I tend to ask permission before scrolling each other off!)

      There are things I used to post about pre-boarding area that I’ve held back on, trying to hit the right balance. Does a $5 for $10 Starbucks card rise to the level, or a free $10 Starbucks card, or none at all? It is really hard to tell because those posts end up being really popular and we get feedback on them being helpful.

      I think part of it is people who geek out on finding travel deals are also really good at finding deals in general. I’ve sorta had it in my head that if something is huge savings, I will post it, but if it is just analyzing Black Friday deals, I will just tweet about what I found.

      It has been interesting (and fun!) being on Boarding Area and we’ve gotten a lot of feedback (especially from you and Seth, Jared 😉 ). We think about what we hear and try to adjust in ways we think are right. But I think part of the reason we were asked to be on Boarding Area is because we’re a bit different from the other blogs. But I also personally love the deal-based posts that Deals We Like, Road Warriorette, and Kendra do.

      Maybe the future of BA will have an easier way to sort–or I would love category based sorting (deals go to one area, etc.). I will say cute, travel dresses at 75% off rise to the level of sharing in my head right now, which I know you disagree with, and that’s okay. I’m glad you find our other posts useful, and hope you have some great travel deals/plans coming up.

      (disclaimer: this is the opinion of Jeanne, and is written without consulting Keri)

  6. Thank you for considering your readers’ feedback and for your thoughtful reply. Best regards.

  7. Jeanne, I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to reply and also the fact that you let all of the critical comments be posted. Many bloggers delete any comments that are critical in even the slightest way.

    I get why BA would choose to invite you. Many of the miles bloggers are male, and by adding you to the network a different perspective is shown. That being said, I think the different perspective should be restricted to travel related content given that BA is a travel network. Perhaps Randy needs to update the BA website. It is a pretty simple website and could definitely use a refresh with some added functionality such as the ability to filter what is displayed.

    Despite all of this, I definitely think BA needs to reconsider who is invited to be part of the network. Many of the blogs that are part of the network offer absolutely no original content and merely repost things from other websites and blogs. Others seem to push affiliate links extra hard to profit from the exposure that BA offers. I can tolerate credit card links and other affiliate links that are related to travel (such as those boxes that have travel sized cosmetics that you seem to love), but when a certain blogger has keeps pushing a dating/relationship website, things have gone too far. Its clear that that blogger is more concerned with trying to make money than offering useful/interesting travel information and that sort of content does not belong on BA.

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