Asia for ~$500, Europe for <$300, How to Stack Car Rental Deals,

The international airfare deals keep coming.  This time to Asia and to Europe.  You can get to Asia for around $500, and you can get to Europe for less than $300.

As usual with these deals lately, Pizza has the scoop slice.


Monkey Miles has some thoughts on how to maximize how many miles you earn for renting a car by stacking offers.

car rental

And what can you do with these miles?  According to Monkey Miles:

Now I’m sure some of you, like Miles, were thinking you could just do a series of rentals and earn enough for flights. After all, a one way business class ticket is 57,500 miles. If you were Executive Platinum and did this 46 times – Ok, that’s a bit crazy – and could find rentals for $15/day then you could buy a business class one way for less than $700 and have a rental car for a month an a half. However, the terms and conditions stipulate that you can’t do this. However, you could alternate rentals within a household, crediting each account every other day and earn a lot of bonus points

Check out the post.

You can still get the Bourne Ultimatum for free.  And free is better than not free!

bourne ultimatum

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