Hotel Housekeeping Sim Game is a Lot More Exciting than it Sounds

This game provides you with all you need to clean a hotel room–cleaner, towels, and …dynamite?

Breach and Clean, a potential play-on-words in reference to the game Breach and Clear, has you cleaning guest’s rooms.  You don’t have a universal key, and you can’t disturb the guests.

However, even though guests are currently in the room, you cannot use that as an excuse not to clean their rooms.  But you still can’t bother them.  (rut roh.)

The solution to a locked room?  Dynamite.

video game

When I played it, I was getting fired pretty quickly.  But I did enjoy blowing open doors with dynamite.

But there controls can be a bit confusing if you aren’t used to PC gaming.

You navigate by using the WASD keys.  W is to move forward, A to go left, S to go backwards, and D to go right.  You push the cart by running into it.

The hotel rooms don’t necessarily make sense.

In a review on Motherboard, they point out:

What is this mysterious pile of bubbling slime on the floor? No time to question it, only time to mop. Who the heck leaves so many fish bones on their floor? You aren’t getting paid to meditate on life’s biggest mysteries, only to dispel of garbage. Why would a washroom have two toilets facing each other? These are concerns for management, not custodial services. You are on the clock, and your job is on the line.

A lot of rooms don’t have beds.  But hey, that’s not a necessity.

Here’s someone doing a walkthrough of the game.

I don’t understand 100% of what he’s saying, but at least he’s having fun!

You can get the game for free here.

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  1. I saw the headline, and thought “Wow! That housecleaning game sounds so exciting, of course nothing could match the expectation.”

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