A Few Days Left: Win Free In-Flight Internet

There’s just a few days left to enter to win free in-flight internet. Just a reminder that you can enter once per day by going to a another blog post (through the entry form). Entry form is below.


Internet on airplanes is proof that the future is now.  (Well, okay, flying cars would have been, but it’s still pretty awesome).

I’ve been able to fly more because of airplane wifi.  I can take a five hour flight and get massive amounts of work done, all while staying in close contact with my team.  Awesome!

airplane sky flight
Off, to the future!

I have some Gogo passes I received at the Freddie Awards.  Rather than horde them for myself, I’ve decided to share them,  (But my precious Gogo internet.  Nooo, we likes sharing).

If you join my email newsletter list, you’ll get an entry into the contest.  If you follow my personal Twitter, Le Chic Geek’s Twitter, or Le Chic Geek’s Facebook page, you’ll get an extra entry.  Once a day, you’ll get an extra entry by reading a second post on Le Chic Geek, but you must do that through the entry box below.

The email you use must be valid because that’s where the Gogo passes will go if you win.

If the entry form doesn’t load (it’s javascript), click here to go to it!
And as a reminder of what wonderful times we live in, here is that bit from Louis CK.   Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.

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