Anna Chapman’s Stylish Purse & Espoinage History

Spy Anna Chapman knew how to travel in style. Why commit espionage carrying a boring leather briefcase when you could carry a $2,300 Chanel purse?  With a communication device sewn into its lining and classic Chanel chain straps, this purse can tie any outfit or spy operation together.

Perhaps the best way to avoid attention is to intentionally draw as much of it as possible.

I’ve actually used to travel with a vaguely similar purse that was trying very hard to look sort of like a Chanel bag, but was about $2,250 cheaper.  It traveled well and was adorable, but the fake leather tore after a little while.

I suppose with your mission at stake, you need a strong bag that can hold up.  A tear in the lining would be devastating!  Too bad Ms. Chapman didn’t take the same level of care with her laptop.

Anna Chapman carries a Chanel purse, outfitted for espionage.





But Anna’s strength seemed to be fashion over  spying.

Anna Chapman Committed Espionage in style

She didn’t obtain any sensitive information during her time in New York, though she didn’t really get a chance to.  But since being “busted,” Anna Chapman has become a fashion model and TV personality.

Anna Chapman at Fashion Week

While Anna Chapman wore the clothes with ease, she managed to mishandle the gun and drop it at one point.

Hat tip to my mother for passing this story along 😀


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