Adorable Ducklings Rescued from Airport Storm Drain

An eagle-eyed traveler spotted something unusual–10 ducklings in the Norfolk Airport storm drain!  Apparently, while their mother was able to pass over the grate, they all fell in when they followed.

baby ducklings

I missed this story when it first came out, but through some cute-animal-binge-viewing today, came across it.

While their concerned mother paced nearby, airport workers opened up the grate and pulled them out with a net.

Here’s a video of some of the coverage of when the ducklings fell in.

I’m so happy the airport crew took rescuing them seriously!

Here is also a series of posts from the Norfolk International Airport. How adorable.

All of the ducklings were unharmed.  And absolutely adorable.

For more adorable animals at airports, check out this badass airport dog.  Yeah, you rock those goggles.

Airport guard dog.

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