These Simple Luggage Tags Will Keep Your Bags From Being Lost

These luggage tags are a really smart idea and I had never thought of them before.

Whenever I pack a checked bag, I make sure to put a detailed itinerary inside.  I include where I will be, the dates I will be there, and contact numbers along the journey.  But I doubt the airport’s first step will be rifling through my bags when they find a lost piece of luggage.  They’ll deliver it to the destination airport.

Still, I make an effort to do that because many times, my destination airport is not my actual destination.  For example, I took a trip last year to San Francisco, traveled down to Los Angeles immediately after, then hopped on a cruise boat to Mexico.  If my luggage were lost (and then found), it would have been delivered to San Francisco automatically.

This product takes the above idea and makes it actionable.

Magellan’s makes a luggage tag that explains–in eight languages–to check the itinerary enclosed if this bag was lost.  So simple, but potentially super effective.

luggage tags

This never occurred to me, but I think it’s brilliant.  Such a simple and cheap concept, but with great potential payoff.

Magellan’s site itself doesn’t allow reviews, but this product used to be available on Amazon.  The reviews there are very positive.

For example, someone’s luggage was already on its way to his apartment when he was reporting it missing.

I was in the line buying some replacement clothes to hold me over when the phone rang. My bag had arrived at my apartment…. The only possible way my bag could have arrived home in that amount of time was someone in lost luggage in London read the yellow tag and got it on its way. PHEW! My bag was placed on a cargo flight that I looked up after the fact and had left London within a few hours of my flight. By the time I had reported the loss, the bag was identified and already nestled in for a trans-atlantic crossing.

I’m tempted.  What do you think?

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