Jack Hanna and a Flamingo Got Stuck Going Through Airport Turnstile at the Same Time (seriously!)

Okay, I seriously cannot stop laughing.  Jack Hanna learned the hard way why only one person (or bird) should go through the turnstile at one time.

Jack Hanna landed at the Ohio State University Airport after the terminal itself had closed back in 2007.  The only way to exit was through a turnstile.

Oh, and Jack had a flamingo with him.


It was one of those big metal turnstiles with multiple bars.  He had his flamingo in a box, and he tried going through with it.  And got stuck.

From Fox News:

Hanna, 60, pushed the flamingo’s 2-foot-by-3-foot compartment into the turnstile, then continued pushing while straddling the crate.

“I was stuck like a worm. My eyes were as big as grapefruits,” he said. “I can’t describe the feeling in my stomach. I can’t move up or down. The bars are on your face.”

Columbus fire department logs show the firefighters arrived at the airport at 12:30 a.m. for a “flamingo rescue,” spokeswoman Kelly McGuire said.

It took three firefighters to get them out.

I think part of the reason this cracks me up so much–aside from the mental image–are my memories of living next to an animal handler in the past.  He was the assistant to Jim Fowler, and I love watching the clips of his animals not-quite-behaving on the Johnny Carson Show.  (Though that makes me a little worried about the times I was near Mr. Fowler and his panther!)  ((Just kidding.  Sorta.))

I’m starting to realize this is not unlike my puppy when I go to show everyone the new tricks she’s learned.

And since we were talking about sloths earlier, here is a sloth bear.

You can smell the fear in Carson’s eyes.  Even through the video.

“Is that him I smell?

“Well, it’s not me, I can guarantee it.”

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