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Do We Inherently Trust Those We’re Flying With More?

Recently,  a passenger went on a crime spree on an airplane, stealing the flight attendant’s carry-on and a passenger’s passport and credit cards. This story got passed around a lot.  I saw it showing up on my Facebook feed pretty often, with friends warning everyone to keep a better eye ...

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Find the Cheapest Drinks Near You, Stat

A friend and I were just out to drinks and confessed we always try to snag happy hour at our favorite restaurants. This made me think about my favorite app.  Happy Hour by GoTime. Available on both Droid and Apple The app will look around you and tell you where all the cheap drinks ...

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Why I Stopped Using TripIt to Organize My Travels

TripIt was highly recommended to me by some of my friends. It keeps tabs on your travels and alerts you if it doesn’t think you’ll make a connection. The pro-version even pulls up alternative flights. I went all in on the pro-version. After using it for some time, I’m definitely not ...

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Why I Frequently Lie to Uber Drivers

When I was a teenager, I was taking a flight out of the country when my parents weren’t home.  They arranged for a car to pick me up and take me to the airport. When the car showed up, the man driving got out of the car quickly and exclaimed ...

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How Using Social Media Can Get You Miles and Deals

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I’ve written in the past about how you can use Twitter to get instant access to new deals from the Flight Deal, a website that curates amazing deals.  (See also, the Fare Deal). It has actually gotten increasingly easier.  Rather than use text notifications, you can have the tweets pop ...

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