How to Get to Downtown Boston from Logan Airport for Free

The first time I found this out, I was so surprised that I assumed it had to have been a temporary thing–but I was wrong.

When I was in college, I’d visit my boyfriend who went to college in Boston (I chose Philly).  And we racked up a lot of miles visiting each other–though, I have to admit, I was a Delta flyer back then.

And it was annoying getting into the city from the airport.

Then after the year we broke up, the MBTA opened up a Silver line stop at the airport.

Free transportation to boston

It goes right into South Station, so the next time I was in town visiting the friends-I-maintained-despite-the-break-up, I bought a Charlie card and headed to the Silver Line—where it was never taken.

Turns out, as long as you get on the Silver line at the airport, you can ride the T (MBTA) for free.  The Silver line is a magical hybrid of bus and train.  It’s a bus at the airport, then converts into a underground car that heads all the way to South Station.

At South Station you can transfer to other lines–still for free.  Once it is underground, all the trains are connected so you can easily walk back and forth between them.

My hotel of choice, the Hyatt Regency in Boston, is right by South Station, so I never need to transfer.  But I get there from the airport in just a little bit longer than an Uber would take for free.

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  1. that’s interesting! I usually take the train, but next time I fly, I’ll remember this.

  2. Bruce InCharlotte

    You still need that CharlieCard for the return.

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