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How to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

Moving into an house from an apartment changed some things for me when traveling.  I have to make sure someone is checking my mail.  And I have different things to worry about. Will the freezer shut off in a power outage? What if there’s a water leak? What if there’s ...

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Why Google Photos is an Amazing Travel Tool

We’ve all done it.  Taken a thousand vacation photos and then stored them on an SD card or in a folder (we later forget).  Then when we want to look at them later, we can’t find them. Like this one. (Sorry, Economy Class & Beyond.  But we do make a ...

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How to Find a Cheap Drink Almost Anywhere

When I first moved to the DC are, my friends knew they could come to me to know about any happy hour in the area.  Virginia has weird rules about advertising happy hours, so it made this knowledge even more valuable. Now they don’t need me.  And when I go ...

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