Why Google Photos is an Amazing Travel Tool

We’ve all done it.  Taken a thousand vacation photos and then stored them on an SD card or in a folder (we later forget).  Then when we want to look at them later, we can’t find them.

Like this one.

economy and beyond

(Sorry, Economy Class & Beyond.  But we do make a good duck lips team).

This is why I have my Google Photos account set to sync every single picture to it.  Google Photos not only saves where you took a photo but also tries to identify what is in it.

Then, you can search for specific things, places, or dates (or even people!)

A search for Paris reveals photos from my trip with my mom:

google photos

I get similar results if I search the dates I went to Paris with my mom.  But it also shows me pictures from our ventures outside of Paris proper.

google photos by date

If I want to broaded my search (since we traveled around France and Germany that trip), I can literally just search for Europe:

google photos europe

Then it begins to include pictures of our trip to the Beauty & the Beast castle, Chambord.

Another great feature of Google Photos is facial recognition.  It groups photos together based on who is in it.  Then you can name the people it identifies across your photos.

This makes it a lot easier to search for a single person.  But its most practical application is in searching for multiple people in the same photo.

So if I wanted ALL the trips my mom and I took together…

google photos mexico

I’m reminded that we also went to Mexico together.

Google Photos can also figure out the style of picture you took.  So if I search selfie…

google photos selfie

You get a lot of pictures where I’m making this face.

It will also automatically put photos together for you.  It will make gifs and panoramas.  For example, I took the photos that made this picture up, but I definitely did not take a panorama.

google photos panorama

I didn’t have to do anything to make it happen.  It just showed up in my pictures.

Pretty cool!

Google Photos will store an unlimited amount of photos, but those photos will be reduced to a certain size.  I pay $1.99 per month for 100 gigs of storage, and my photos are saved at full-size.

Anyone else rely on Google Photos?

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  1. So true, this tool is a game-changer!

  2. I got 1tb of free space from Google Local Guides program, however I don’t use it for photos. C’mon, they “reduce” the size of a photo to 18 megapixels. Do you really need photos bigger than that?! The only thing that I don’t like about it is reduced panoramas resolution. At least I mention that 18mp is not enough for pano.
    But in general it’s amazing service. I don’t know what you should add else for storing and organizing photos and videos.

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