How to Go Big in Vegas without Going Broke

Earlier, I wrote about how to snag a suite in Vegas without paying full price for it.

Here are my other tips for living large in the Sin City and still having money left in your wallet when you head home.

The Happy Hour Anywhere App by GoTime

Happy Hours AnywhereAvailable on both Droid and Apple

This App uses your GPS location to identify exactly where you are.  Then tells you were the cheapest food AND drink is around you.

In most cities, you’ll mostly just find results between 4-7–the standard happy hour.

Not in the (other) city that never sleeps!

I’ve never failed to find a happy hour around me with this app.  I’ve gotten half-priced appetizers. Five dollar drinks.  And two for one specials.

And who’d know that the Four Seasons would have one of the best Happy Hours around.  Oh yeah, this app.

Tix4Tonight Also Does Dinner Reservations

I get my show tickets at Tix4Tonight, but even at half-price, shows tend to be more at the High-Roller cost levels.  But I’ve been surprised with cheaper shows.  I went to a drag diva show at the Imperial Palace for not too much and was really impressed.

Tix4DinnerBut the value at Tix4Tonight really is with their reservation system.  You can book reservations at restaurants for a modest fee (~$2) and receive a discount off your entire bill.  It ranges from restaurant to restaurant, but I managed to get a reservation for 50% off at Mario Batali’s restaurant.  I went there with my mom and it was incredible.

I’ve seen the restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere on there sometimes (though never bit)–but the best part is, you can make reservations days in advance.  You do not need to wait until day of and hope you have reservations (the way you need to do with Tix4Tonight for show tickets).  You can plan out your trip’s meals.

The discount varies from restaurant to restaurant and is on display at Tix4Tonight.

Don’t Ignore Staff With Advertisements in Hotels

This is something I really, really have to force myself to do in the casinos.

I’m a native New Yorker.  Someone walks up to you with a pamphlet, you run away.

2012-07-13_20-19-49_859Whereas, if staff members are approaching you in the casino, they can be offering a variety of great things.  Free passes into the club.  Two for One drink specials.  Exclusive access.

This is especially true if you go out for the night slightly early, or right around happy hour time.  They are trying to pre-fill places for the dinner crowd and for the night crowd so that the places feel important and full.  I’ve got to go on the roof of the Mandalay Bay–and I got my discounted drinks at two-for-one.

That instance in particular, my New Yorker sister started shooing the man away.  I don’t blame her, but I chased him down.

This does NOT hold true for outside of the Casinos.  They will be trying to sell you timeshares or prostitutes, and be careful if you have kids–the pamphlets they hand out are full of naked women.

Booking Through a Travel Agent

This is a tip I’ve given before, so I’ll just mention it briefly.  The nicer properties sometimes aren’t THAT much more expensive than the cheaper ones, and if you book through an agent with a special relationship, you can get benefits that far outweigh the costs.

I got spa-credit and free room service each day for my $150/night stay at the Four Seasons.

Play a Game

Pizza in Motion explains how you can earn comps in Vegas by playing a Facebook Game.

Get into Clubs for Free

Why pay when you can go free?  Here’s my guide to getting into Las Vegas clubs for free (yes, men can get in for free too).

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  1. You like to stretch the truth huh? it says on your link credits EACH DAY.. well that is not the case as you clearly laid out on the next page.. it is PER STAY…

  2. I appreciate your insight. And definatly will attempt to remember these pointers on my next visit. Thank you!

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