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I randomly stumbled across this service, which has been great.

I tend to get most my news from Twitter which can be dangerous.  It means I’m getting the most trendy news out there only.

theSkimm is a quick, daily newsletter (aside from weekends) that gives you a rundown of all the important news that happened the day before.


It not only puts the news into short, digestible stories, it does it in a fun way.

It also gives you responses to small talk people might make with you.

For example:

missing plane


They also usually through a quick story of interest or a meme in there–which ends up being enough to be interesting, but not so much that I feel like it’s wasting my time.

The other great thing they do is make quick-skim guides to current issues going on.

The lingo is a bit millennial.  They use “the Supremes” to refer to the Supreme Court, for example.

But I’ve been reading it every morning and find it a great, quick reference to what’s going on.  They link to more in-depth stories from reputable papers (such as the New York Times), so if you do want to find out more, the information is right at your fingertips.

The women who run the service have worked in the media industry and consider reading the news to be a hobby.  Their passion comes across in their emails and they’ve been sending these emails for three years now.  I also find it to be general non-partisan, but who knows if I’m biased by my own beliefs.

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