When a Daily Deal Isn’t a Deal at All

I saw a daily deal for a restaurant my friend’s been wanting to go to.  Before sending it to my friend, I checked out the website and was glad I didn’t pass the “deal” on.

This was the Living Social deal I saw:

daily deal living social


$30 for a prix-fixe dinner or $35 for $60 towards the restaurant.  Not bad.

I pulled up the website to check out what was included on the prix-fixe menu and saw the same promotion was being offered by the restaurant itself:

30 Wine and Dine Adv


The restaurant was offering “tickets” for this special for purchase on their website.

So the only thing buying the Living Social would do is lock you into a specific time fame and leave you with even less value if it expires.

After poking around a little more, I found out you don’t even need to buy a ticket ahead of time to get the prixe-fixe dinner.  Pre-purchasing just locks in the deal in case they ever get rid of the promotion.

I used to be crazy about daily deals and saw more and more of this–deals that aren’t really deals.

That’s why I’ve become much more into happy hour specials.  You don’t have to “buy” them ahead of time, and you can be really flexible.

Don’t feel well?  Well, you don’t have to worry about anything expiring soon.  Just go to the next happy hour you can.

Here’s a great way to find happy hours around you.

But if you are interested in a daily deal, pull up the website first and see what sort of happy hour deals they have.  You just might find something better for you that’s also more flexible.

(Note:  A lot of restaurants will put their happy hour specials on the bar or drinks menu, so if you cannot find one anywhere else, try there.  Places like Boston ban happy hours.  Virginia does not allow people to advertise happy hours, but this method will help you find out what the specials are.)

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