An Update on DC’s $2 UberPool / $8 UberX Rides

I wrote about Uber doing a deal with $2 Pool / $8 X rides in DC.  I couldn’t get the promo myself and assumed it hadn’t launched at all, since it said “in the month of October”.

A reader commented that the deal did launch, but it was sold out already.

This was confusing to me, since the deal makes it sound like you can continually renew this deal.

So I reached out to Uber about it.

This was their response:

“Sorry to hear about the trouble purchasing flat fares for the month of October, 2016. We regret to inform you that we are currently sold out in Washington DC but we recommend to keep an eye out when sales reopen and for any future offers we might have. You may check this LINK from time to time for updates. Please feel free to respond should you have other questions in mind or if you require further assistance. Stay safe.”

One way you can read this suggests the deal might become intermittently avaliable, but I wouldn’t bank on it.  Yesterday, there was an error if you tried to sign up to be notified when these types of sales happened again.  I was able to sign up for notifications today.


Uber is now offering flat fares in DC!  This past summer, they offered unlimited packages in New York for one price.  This one is also a package, but done in an interesting manner.

You pay $10 up-front which unlocks ten $2 Pool and $8 X rides.  Your next ten rides will be discounted.  After this, you’ll need to pay another $10 for your next ten rides.


You can buy this package throughout October, but you have 30 days to use each 10 day pass.

For me, this is a great deal because it covers my office, the airport, the location of our next happy hour, and where my brother will be staying during his visit.  If I use UberPool (which I haven’t used… yet), these trips will be ridiculously cheap.

If you are in DC and going to our happy hour, this could be a great way to go about it.

The area it considers within the zone is pretty generous.

But you can’t purchase it until October itself, doesn’t make super clear.  I was poking around on the website and app trying to buy it for the month of October, and kept being told it was unavaliable.  So pre-purchasing is out.

So I have a reminder scheduled for myself to get one for my first flight in October.

But this definitely seems worth it to me, even though you have to pay $10 upfront–as long as you’ll take a few rides.

The amount maxes out at $20 for Pool and the amount was left off for UberX.

From the website:

Rates apply to rides starting and ending within eligible D.C. zones, up to a $20 value for POOL and up to a. If the total ride cost is ever less than the low rate, we’ll charge the minimum amount (based on time and distance). If the total ride cost exceeds the maximum value, you’ll be charged the rate, plus the remaining amount (based on time and distance).

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