Travel During the Holidays

This coming holiday season has me bouncing back and forth between visiting family and work travel.  I have a weird problem of trying to decide what city I want to be in for New Years Eve, since it is the one buffer day between two travel trips.  Do I stay in the first city? Head home in between?  Jump to the next city early?  My head is spinning!

But whether it is travel for business or travel for pleasure, holiday travel all have one thing in common.  It is the most stressful time of the year to travel!

So to take some stress off the holiday travel season, let’s get excited about where we are all going!

Heels First wants to hear about your travel plans!  Let us know on twitter with the hashtag: #HeelsFirstHolidayTrvl

Here are some of the responses we’ve gotten so far:




Me?  I’m going to New York City, Atlanta, and New Orleans–with a possible stop in DC in between.  Phew! 

I am excited about the river walk in New Orleans, the bar at the top of the Westin in downtown Atlanta (it has amazing views), and most of all, I’m excited to see all my family in New York.  Traveling will be stressful, but the destinations will be divine!

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