Anybody Else Going to be Away On #HolidayBizTravel?

So, I mentioned I’ll be away in Atlanta and New Orleans during the holidays for work.  What’s hard about holiday travel as opposed to other times of the year is fitting in the holidays!  I enjoy traveling from work, but it is rough having to pick up and go immediately after Christmas.  And I appreciate all your New Years Eve suggestions, because I literally have no idea what city I’ll be in yet.

 Fatigue hits harder around this time, so I find ways to make myself feel more at home and spoil myself a little. 

First of all, I stay at hotel chains that are consistent to feel more “at home”.  I don’t experiment with boutique hotels or try to soak in the local culture.   I want a bed (and shower!) that’s familiar.

Second, I usually start bringing things with me that I don’t normally bring that remind me of home.  My cozy sweater that I watch TV in?  Check.  …my stuffed cow?  Check. 

Third, I splurge a little more than I normally do.  I may order a cocktail and chicken fingers over room service and chill out in front of the TV.  (If my boss is reading this, don’t worry–I don’t expense this!)  I tend to not check out new cities and try to stay in my routine.

This year is going to be a little difficult because I’ve never been to New Orleans before.  There’s so much I want to see, but to keep my sanity, I need to book another trip soon.  Atlanta is easier.  I’ve been there.  I have bars I like.  I can develop a routine.

I’ve been asking you guys about your #HolidayBizTravel.  Join the conversation and I’ll highlight them!  And here are some responses:

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