TopCashBack is Offering Additional CashBack on Your Purchases Today Only

TopCashBack is doing a Thanksgiving special where they are adding 20% more cashback to every offer they have on the website.  To be clear, they are increasing the cashback you are getting by 20%, not offering an additional straight up 20%.  (If they decided to do that, I wouldn’t tell them no, though!)

From their website (typo is theirs):

Thanksgiving is a great time to acknoweldge all that we’re thankful for. Topping off our list are our truly fantastic TopCashback members! We’re expressing our gratitude for your loyalty by boosting all of our cash back rates by 20% on Thanksgiving Day. So take advantage of this stellar offer and shop our 1000s of popular brands.

What to Expect

There are no catches here. A “Top Up” has already been applied to most cash back rates found on our site, so all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account and get ready to shop! Make sure you clear your cookies and cache beforehand, and get ready to watch that cash back track (and add up).

With individual stores with small cashback, this isn’t a huge deal.  But it gets more significant at the big earning stores, or if you are purchasing a lot today.  Lingerie, flowers, and travel tend to be high-cashback items on the site.

I’ll also be posting more sales as the day goes on, and I’ll let you know which ones are worth doing through TopCashBack vs. other portals.

(Please note, if you use my affiliate links to sign up for a membership, I’ll receive some credit for your sign-up).

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