Today Only: $5 for $10 Starbucks Card!

a woman holding a cup of coffeeNo matter where I travel, I can always find a Starbucks.  LivingSocial has a deal today where you can purchase a $10 gift card for $5.

If you carry a Chase Sapphire/Freedom/Ink card, make sure you make your purchase through the Ultimate Rewards Mall for 3 points per dollar.  (Priority Club is also at 3 points per dollar).

Usually, you can add these cards to your preexisting Starbucks cards.  I usually use View from the Wing’s tip on double points and elite status at Starbucks.  And despite them being a “chain”, they are my go-to coffee shop when traveling because I’ll know what I’m getting.  Nothing makes me grumpier than bad coffee.  Though in certain regions, Peets always trumps Starbucks for me.


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  1. Ever since learning about Starbucks roasting attitude a number of years ago, I have NEVER gone into a “Charbucks”.

    My daughter was a coffee grower for a dozen years on the Big Island. She also worked in one of the big growing/roasting mills there. She told me that Starbucks BURNED their beans in order to make people think they were getting stronger coffee.

    True or not, I have never liked Starbucks attitude OR their prices. Peets is near (literally) and dear to my heart.

    Both Peets and Starbucks are equidistant from me here in my corner of California; Peets has now opened up in another corner of my world…in Upper Arlington, Ohio….so guess where I go, if I’m out and about and need my mid-morning caffeine jolt??

    In my defense (about getting the Starbucks gift card), I have a friend who goes to local Starbucks, so the gift card is a gift for her birthday. (She’s remains my friend in spite of her Charbucks addiction!)

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