Three Months of XBox Live for Only $14

I’ve seen deals on this website, SCDKey, recently but hadn’t heard of it before.  I researched and found out it’s totally legit.

It’s a deal website similar to Humble Bundle where you can get keys for video games.  What I like about this site is that they sell keys for console games–not just PC.

Today, I bought a 3-month subscription to XBox live for only $14.  I had just purchased one for $25, so this is a huge savings over that.


After the purchase, you receive a code for your Xbox live account.  I received mine immediately after purchase.  I logged into my Xbox account on my laptop, copied and pasted the code in, and easily extended my account by three months.

You can purchase the 3-month subscription here.

If you are looking for a year, you can get that for $47.

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  1. I think I have a problem when I see that and think “Ooh, that’s a good deal, should I get it?” when I don’t even have an Xbox.

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