Teen Genius Creates “Lawyer Robot” that Successfully Argued Its Way Out of 160,000 Tickets

A robot lawyer?  A 19-year old has created a lawyer-bot that will go to bat for you when you have a parking ticket.  Right now, it only works in New York and London, but he’s quickly working on rolling it out to other cities.

The bot, which automatically generates appeal language, has won over 160,000 cases for people so far.  What’s great about this lawyer robot is that it makes laws more transparent to people.

From Business Insider:

In April, Browder launched the bot in New York as well. To-date, the bot has successfully appealed between 160,000 of 250,000 parking tickets in both London and New York, giving it a 64% success rate.

The artificial-intelligence lawyer shows how bots can seriously help people settle difficult and costly issues instead of just being used for things like ordering food.

Here’s how it works: simply visit DoNotPay and make an account. From there, the chatbot will ask questions about your parking violation, like whether there were signs indicating you couldn’t park. If you answer a question that shows you could have a case, the bot will help generate an appeal.

This is especially great for travelers, who aren’t as familiar with local parking laws (and especially New York’s laws).  I can’t wait for one in DC.  There was a sign that said “45 degree parking only Sundays from 8am-12pm” (Church hours).    …so does this mean I can park regularly at other times?  Or that parking is ONLY allowed on Sundays AND it HAS to be at a 45 degree angle?  Or the only time you are allowed to park at 45 degrees (if you so choose) is on Sundays?

I stared at this sign for a while and couldn’t figure it out.  I totally needed a robot lawyer.

I ran through a fake case of a confusing sign in NYC and it was easy enough.  Once I answered its questions and it decided I have a case, it created a template for me to fill out.

The robot lawyer

appeal generator robot lawyer

He is also working on a feature that will help you argue for compensation for a flight delay/cancellation, and another one that lets you know your rights when it comes to HIV disclosure.

His project after that will be one to help asylum candidates and refuges understand their rights as well.

Maybe the robot future isn’t so scary after all.

Robot human artificial intelligence robot lawyer

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