Man Covertly Puts Up Fake Animal Facts Signs in Zoo

A man decided to go around the Los Angeles Zoo, placing fake facts at the habitats of different Los Angeles Zoo animals.  Thanks to him, I’ve learned a lot about flamingos and other zoo animals.

According to BoredPanda:

California-based comedic genius obviousplant has recently pranked the public once again by distributing fake animal facts at the L.A. zoo. Not only did he educate the zoo’s visitors about how owls are related to the TV series “Friends,” or why penguins wear tuxedos, but he also made the place a lot more interesting!

My favorite?

flamingo Los Angeles Zoo animals

I always knew there was something up with Phillip.

You can see the highlights here.

He also has the whole collection on his Facebook page over here.

The prankster, who goes by “obviousplant,” seems to do this sort of thing pretty often.

Including putting fake self-help books in a book store.  And honest book genres.

If you need me, I’ll be in the books that make you anxious section.


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  1. – well, it was better then recipe cards for each animal.

  2. Wow. This is great stuff. The books the guy has dumped off in bookstores is amazing. Thanks!

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