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Star Wars Original Trilogy for $35 on Blu-Ray

a movie cover with a mask and a light saber

I just spotted a good price on the original Star Wars Trilogy.  Amazon has the whole set for $35. Yes, these are the remastered, re-edited versions.  You’ll have a heck of a time trying to get an original cut nowadays. For those unfamiliar with Star wars, it tells the touching …

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What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Economics

a spaceship flying over a planet

One of my favorite economists wrote a post dissecting the economics of Star Wars. A fav economics analyzing a fav movie franchise = win. He makes some interesting points about what people’s actions in Star Wars tell us about value-creation–that sometimes you can create value without creating anything.  Merely identifying …

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An Actual Star Wars Cantina is Opening

a group of people standing around a counter

The Star Wars Cantina music is pretty catchy and seems like a happenin’ spot.  Well, aside from potentially getting shot if you are a bounty hunter. Now, an actual Star Wars Cantina is opening. From Nerdist: We’re excited to exclusively announce the Scum and Villainy Cantina is coming to Hollywood …

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