An Orchestra of Jedi Children Played the Star Wars Theme with Lightsabers

No, this isn’t a dream I had last night.  (Though once, I dreamed that an army of storm troopers started tap dancing to Tea for Two).

storm troopers

I’m sadly serious about that.

A group of children from  École de l’Harmonie elementary school in Quebec, Canada dressed up as jedi and disguised their bows as lightsabers while they played selections from Star Wars.

The thing is–their school was on fire the week before!

Here is their rendition of the main Star Wars Theme:

And here is Yoda’s theme:

I’m impressed this concert still went on.  While I’m suprised, I’m glad.  The students clearly put a lot of work into this.  Work that definitely paid off.

Good job, little jedis.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait for the 14 Acres of Star Wars Coming to Disney World and Disneyland

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