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A Subtle MLife Downgrade for Platinums

There’s been a sort of secret VIP room in different MLife properties.  If you were Platinum or Diamond with MLife, you could check in there and stop in for coffee, water and champagne. For a great trip report that goes into the VIP room in the Mirage, check out Hack …

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Vegas: What to See, What to Avoid

The sheer amount of things to do in Vegas can be overwhelming.  Some things can be really cheesy or really awesome (and sometimes, in the case of Elvis Karaoke, both).  This is a list of experiences that when I heard about them, straddled that line of cheesy/awesome.  Here’s my verdict …

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A Warm Welcome in Vegas for Heels First

I’m traveling in Vegas right now and what greeted me?  A giant high heeled shoe. This shoe is part of the neon museum in Las Vegas, a non-profit dedicated to preserving old neon signs from the strip. I just appreciated that the easiest way to find it is via the …

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