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If You Are Flying Delta, You Are #FKD

A failure with Delta’s systems has grounded Delta flights. So if you are flying Delta, you may be currently #FKD. From KARE11: Around 6 p.m. Sunday, social media lit up with word of long lines and delays at Delta terminals. A Federal Aviation Administration advisory stated Delta flights were grounded due …

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Weird Delta Bug Making Flights 10x More Expensive

Detroit Free Press is reporting some insane pricing coming out of Delta flights.  What a strange Delta error. For example: A search on Friday for flights from San Francisco to Detroit for Aug. 27 to Sept. 2 showed the non-stop coach fare was $13,735 round-trip — more than $7,000 each way. First class was showing more than …

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Safety is Serious Business–Except on Delta

Does anyone really watch those in-flight safety videos?  I love Delta’s approach towards them. Delta’s been adding in Easter Eggs you can spot through the entire video.  Well, not literal  Easter Eggs, but a bunch of inside jokes that might take you a second to notice. They are using humor to …

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Another Website Bug on Delta

Back in February, I pointed out a bug on Delta’s website that shows a cancelled flight and a rebooked flight that was in the wrong direction. Today I got a strange alert from Delta.  They are really worried about me missing my connection from today’s flight.  On Sunday. My flight …

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My 2am Booty Call from Delta

A few nights ago, my phone rang at 2am. It was Delta. For those who don’t know it, I used to be loyal to Delta (Northwest) when I lived in Michigan.  I just booked a ticket on Delta and cancelled within the one-day refundable window, opting to take a flight …

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Is Your Airline Out to Get You?

Reader Matt C. passes on this interesting confirmation code tweeted out:   Dear Delta Airlines, I know we’ve been through some hard times together but is this really my conf number? pic.twitter.com/CJFrpbkIVa — Kathryn Stockett (@kathrynstockett) August 8, 2013   I hope this isn’t part of a set of new …

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