Update: If You Are Flying Delta, You Are Still #FKD (but things will be better tomorrow)

Well, it looks as if things aren’t getting much better with Delta.  Finally, the ground stop on Delta flights has been lifted, but after many flights were canceled.

From Bloomberg:

Delta Air Lines Inc.’s grounding of U.S. flights was lifted after almost two and a half hours, ending the second disruption among major U.S. domestic airlines in just one week.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which said “automation issues” at Delta were to blame, in a later statement said the grounding was canceled. Delta’s international flights were exempt from the problem.


delta airlines airplane

I’ve heard some reports of manifests being sent over manually, but for the most part, I’m hearing about flights being canceled after long delays.  Supposedly, there was supposed to be a resolution around 10:30pm est.  I heard the first positive update just now.

cancelled canceled cancellations

Here is some of what I’m seeing on Twitter.



From earlier:

A failure with Delta’s systems has grounded Delta flights.

So if you are flying Delta, you may be currently #FKD.

From KARE11:

Around 6 p.m. Sunday, social media lit up with word of long lines and delays at Delta terminals. A Federal Aviation Administration advisory stated Delta flights were grounded due to “automation issues.”

delta airlines airplane

There isn’t much news yet and the story is still young, but I’ll let you know as I hear more.

Here are some tweets on the issue:



Looks like Alton Brown’s team is #FKD too:

Both passengers and Delta seem confused:

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