Trump Blames Weekend Protests on Last Night’s Delta Outage

Because there was no chance anyone could be upset by the executive order he signed late this past Friday, Trump took to Twitter to blame Delta for all the chaos at the airport this weekend.

In case you weren’t sure if he was seriously tying that to the executive order, he mentioned the “actual” number of people detained in the same tweet (which was incorrect).

Donald J Trump

I took a screen shot, though I doubt he’d delete this tweet.  For reference, you can find the original here.

But was Delta the reason for the protests?

Let’s look at the signs at Dulles, for example.


Steve Kopack from CNBC has some thoughts on it:

Trump signed an executive order late Friday, which banned refugees for 180 days and “blocked citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, refugees or otherwise, from entering the United States for 90 days” (including permanent residents).

According to the New York Times:

After the order was signed, students, visitors and green-card-holding legal permanent United States residents from the seven countries — and refugees from around the world — were stopped at airports in the United States and abroad, including Cairo, Dubai and Istanbul. Some were blocked from entering the United States and were sent back overseas.

This order brought people out in droves to protest. Some in airports, some in their cities.


What was Delta thinking with the outage?!

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  1. I own and manage 2 businesses and keep my political view separate from them. You should do the same. I travel to escape the political mess in this country( both sides to blame ) I read travel blogs daily for travel info, not political commentary. Example : read comment that if you voted for this person you should go F— yourself. Sad

  2. PLEASE: Can we keep these political commentaries out of the blogs.

  3. I also own and manage two businesses. If you’re ok with risking a loss of revenue, or receiving negative attention, you should absolutely post any article you like. Since it’s an American right, and all.

  4. It’s your blog and you can write whatever you want. Someone in Washington wants to deflect the blame but DL outage was an unrelated issue. A WH aide drafted the executive order without properly consulting or notifying the appropriate agencies, thus causing confusion and chaos at airports. I think that’s pretty much travel related.

  5. I read your blog consistently, but prefer not to read political junk. Please stick to travel if possible!

  6. I love your blog but don’t care to hear your political views. I’m looking for a travel blog. If want to mix them you’ll lose me.

  7. Blog what you want to blog about. Politics affects every aspects of our lives and always has, no matter who’s president. That includes travel, which is pretty obvious in this case. Whether or not I agree with you (and I don’t always) there’s nothing wrong with seeing other points of view. Maybe some people can just check out of what’s happening in the world, and want to continue to live in their bubble. I don’t.

  8. “Trump Blames Weekend Protests on Last Night’s Delta Outage” is an outright and ridiculous LIE. He was blaming the PROBLEMS at the airports on the protests and the Delta outage, he did not blame the protests on the Delta outage. I can only assume that either English is your second language, basic logic escapes you, or you are willfully ignorant and deceitful. If you’re going to bash Trump at least have some semblance of honesty and credibility, otherwise you look like just another emotionally charged millennial snowflake.

  9. Jeanne — it’s your blog. Write about what interests you. This isn’t “politics” and I don’t even see where you espoused a particular view. Even if you had, travel and politics are innately intertwined, and this is clearly relevant.

  10. I don’t mind if you write about politics and travel when there’s an obvious relation in the story, but your headline is so stupidly wrong. It’s your credibility at stake, so your choice. In no way did he blame the protests on Delta.

  11. Suck a dick you liberal shitbag.

  12. It’s your blog and it is travel related. The fact that DL’s outage was used by the President to distract is a travel story itself – his exact words were “Big problems at airports were caused by Delta computer outage,…..” totally ignoring his role in the airport problems….. so yes, he was lists Delta first in blame for the problems at the airport.

    For readers, the headline should be sufficient to go forward and read (and FWIW, it is an honest head).

  13. Anyone who shows up on a travel blog to call someone a liberal shitbag needs to think about their anger issues. Luv ya, Jeanne!

  14. Jeanne I’m sorry on behalf of the people who wrote such negative things in response to you sharing your thoughts, and yes, facts. There is an unfortunate amount of aggression floating around the virtual world, which I fear is now becoming blurred with reality. You should be able to say what you like and people should be able to disagree, but no one can tell you what to say or not to. These not revolutionary “snowflake” ideals, but should be a given for anyone that considers themselves a part of a healthy society. So please write whatever you want and know that many people appreciate it.

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