Someone “Hacked” Air Traffic Control and Told a Plane to Land, Bringing Whips on Airplanes, and Getting $4 as a Check-in Amenity

This is crazy.  Someone managed to get themselves onto the air traffic control line and told a plane to land.  The plane also responded to the instructions.

In addition, they contacted air traffic control and declared an emergency aboard an aircraft.

View from the Wing has all the details on this crazy situation.

Air traffic control ATC

You can see a list of prohibited items on the TSA website.  Unfortunately, there are some items that fall into a grey area that is up to TSA discretion.

Apparently, whips are not allowed onboard–whether for business or pleasure.  Someone found out the hard way.


Someone was given $4 as an elite check-in amenity.  That kind of reminds me of visiting my great-aunt.

Maybe she works there.

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