Shouldn’t Ice Hotels Be… Freezing?

The Snow Village in Montreal is one of those ice hotels that have become quasi-trendy.  I say quasi because they are popping up in different places, but people don’t really actually stay there.  But I expected that ice hotels would be, you know–freezing.

This hotel partner of the Intercontinental in Montreal offers many amenities high-end travelers are used to—a spa, hot tub, and a restaurant headed by a Michelin Star chef.  Travelers can also host weddings and business meetings here while providing their guests with a view of the Montreal skyline.  You can even chill out to the sounds of a DJ in their bar.


By chill out in the bar, I mean you will literally freeze your buns off.  The rooms are made out of ice and the room temperature is kept at a balmy 5 degree Celsius.  The Snow Village, Montreal allows couples to reach hypothermia in stylish hotel rooms for only $300+ a night.

Snow village montreal igloo

Surely this must be a gimmick.  There’s no way they could expect people to sleep on ice.  They don’t—necessarily.  The hotel offers a dorm style “escape room†for those who can’t handle the extreme cold.  The staff (potentially wearing strategically placed gloves and pants to hide extremities long gone to the cold) wants to “reach its customers by always offering a product tailored to their needs and tastes.â€Â  So if you are into getting a taste of frost-bite, I recommend staying there.

For those who intend to brave the cold by wearing layers, apparently the restaurant is in danger of melting around you as you dine. Because 5 degrees Celsius is literally above freezing.  And when ice melts, it turns to water.  And being wet in 5 degree temperatures is very, very cold.

Snow Village Montreal Restaurant

Enjoy those soggy layers are you attempt to sleep!

Would you sleep in an ice hotel?  What about one that wasn’t melting around you?


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