The Best (Worst) of Skymall

After being at a job that involves heavy travel for about five years now, I thought I learned the secret of Skymall.  It knows it is ridiculous, but its goal is to wear you down.

After five years of looking at some of their products, they start looking less and less ridiculous.  Sure, I want an automated dog-bowl filler for when I am gone–er, in case I get a dog.  And a single plug charging station for my electronics just seems smart.

So I assumed this is what Sky Mall makes their money off of.  Wearing down the frequent traveler until they buy items that make their life more convenient.

Oh, was I wrong.  Here are some of the current top sellers for Sky Mall:

1. Mounted Squirrel Head

skymall mounted squirrel head

For the hunting enthusiast who just can’t manage to bag a squirrel, why not give him a stand in?  This is the perfect gift for frustrated rodent tracker, or a great back up ZONK! prize.

2. Redneck Party Cup


Graduated from college and looking to move to a classier drinking vessel?  Leave your plastic red party cup behind for this divine goblet.  Makes the perfect gift for a reigning flip cup champion to drink from as he surveys his kingdom.

3. What’s With Skymall and Squirrels?


Skymall’s target audience seems to be people who have strong issues with squirrels.  Unable to successfully hunt a squirrel to hang on your mantle? They’re laughing at you for that.

4.  Lakehouse Door Mat


This one seems so… normal compared to the rest.  But how is it a top seller?  Did everyone who has ever owned a Lake House see this door mat and decided they must have it?

The only thing that is strange about this doormat is that the same crowd who wanted a mounted squirrel head, a flip-cup-goblet, and a squirrel-paranoia t-shirt also chose this item as one they must have.  Makes you wonder what you’re missing about the doormat.

Have you ever bought anything off Skymall?  I’m embarrassed to admit–I may be making a purchase of the site after finding an item that I think will be perfect for a friend.  Skymall is dangerous.


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  1. This actually makes sense to me. Most lake cabins are surrounded by trees which equals a lot of squirrels. My family has a lake cabin and when we were up there a couple weeks ago, the squirrels were taunting us and throwing half-eaten acorns at us. I would like to see one of them mounted on the wall!

    The party cup…well, lake cabins do attract a country-music loving crowd!

  2. Keep in mind Skymall does pay 5x Skymiles for purchase:
    You can get 6x if you pay with Delta AMEX. Also, they will price match major retailers so it is worth for a Delta flyer to see if they sell what you are looking for:

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