Roaming Frankfurt Wild

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The first thing I learned about touring Frankfurt is that native Frankfurtians think it is very strange that anyone would want to spend a tourist day in Frankfurt.

The twenty-fifth thing I learned about touring Frankfurt that boat tours are the way to go.  I wish this was the second thing I learned about touring Frankfurt.

I wanted to spend a day in Frankfurt because I hadn’t before, and to be honest—because I was hoping to get some nice Sauerbraten while I was there.  My mom concurred.

I found a bus tour company I thought would be interesting, so we paid almost fifty euro for the tour.


Some things on the tour were interesting, but it was very clear the operator did not believe there was anything interesting in Frankfurt.  So he resorted to pointing out really random buildings, and gesturing at unimportant items.

I found some sites I thought were interesting though:

I love the idea  of CurryWurst, and just loved this advertising in general.  And also, the English confused me!






The bored tour guide took us to the Romer area of Frankfurt and let us get out to take photos.

Now, at this point we were hot (there was a heat wave in Frankfurt), our tour guide was clearly uninterested in giving us a tour—in fact, at once point he took us into the metro to see a REAL subway—and well, we had better things we could be doing.


So after seeing the cute area of Romer, my mother and I made eye-contact and somehow telepathically decided we were going to ditch the tour.  We warned the tour guide (who became alarmed at how we’d ever return to our hotel!) and wandered off.

Romer has cute shops, historic buildings, a great atmosphere and cheap gelato!







This  Linzer Torte looked very different from the Linzer Tortes I’m used to.  And look at that price per slice!  Not bad at all.  Unfortunately, we were so stuffed from Dinner (and gelato), we never got the chance to come back and try it.


This one looked interesting too, but—erh, can anyone pronounce that?


We wandered towards the water and saw there was a boat tour.  The boat tour cost 5 Euro per 50 minutes.  We opted to do a 100 minute tour that went one way down the river, parked, then went the other way down the river.  Two hours of sightseeing for the two of us cost twenty Euro.


I will not make a joke about Rundfahrt.  I will not make a joke about Rundfahrt.  I will not…

The boat had a bar and table service for drinks and snacks.  Since we were hoping to find some sauerbraten, we opted out of any food.

a woman taking a selfie

We got a great view of the Frankfurt Skyline


As well as some of its graffiti


And some… interesting architecture.


I would have paid more than twenty Euro for that experience.  It was fun, refreshing, and the staff was much more excited about showing off Frankfurt.

After the boat tour, we headed to a restaurant we had seen earlier that served sauerbraten.



The inside of the restaurant had kitschy signs we were doing bad translations of.  (Though all of a sudden, we’d realize what the sign was getting at and feel silly for the previous translations we came up with).




We each made sure to have a glass of Frankfurt’s famed Apelweis:


Then we received a salad drenched in dressing.  We first wondered if they drenched the salad so much because we were Americans.  The corn was a nice touch, but we both aren’t heavy dressing people and wished we had mentioned that beforehand.  We witnessed a similar thing with dressing in the Frankfurt club and realized Americans aren’t the only ones to soak their veggies with dressing!


Then the moment we were waiting for, Sauerbraten and dumplings.  And it didn’t disappoint.


It was a bit sweeter than I’m used to, but that was fine.  It had raisins and cinnamon, where as my grandmother’s famous recipe is much more beer-soaked.

We got what we were looking for and left the restaurant quite satisfied.  We headed back to the Hilton, where we relaxed and had a few cocktails together.


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  1. Thanks for the flash back to 1986 when the hotel owner begged our pardon and then asked WHY did we come to Frankfurt!

  2. Johannisbeerkuchen mit Kase is blackcurrent cheesecake. The Roemer is a nice area in Frankfurt, but otherwise it is a dull finace city.
    You need to go to Bavaria for the real sauerbraten, but as it is often done sweeter elsewhere. Next time head over to Mainz which has a nice area around the cathedral and you can walk along the Rhein. We always ask for dressing on the side in Europe!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      That’s good to know, I’d love to go to Bavaria!

      I found once we discovered Roemer, it was great for a day trip. We also went into the Euro head quarters which was jokingly printing Euro as toilet paper–which depressed us! If the Euro was toilet paper, what does that make the dollar?! Not even good enough to—well, you know 😛

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