Review of the Amazon Amoretti Syrup Sample Box (Still Available)

Amazon still has some of its sample boxes left.  These boxes let you pay a price towards a sample, then get a full credit towards the purchase of similar items.

I received my Amoretti Syrup Sample Box today.  This was one of the more limited boxes because while the other boxes came with a credit towards a similar type of product, this credit was only applicable towards Amoretti syrups and martini mixes.

The sample boxes were completely unassuming.  They came in typical Amazon boxes (with one exception, which I’ll get to in a future post).

Eight samples arrived.


Here’s where I was disappointed.  While the preview of what comes in a box showed a few sugar-free flavors, I received a box with all full-sugar flavors.  They seem tasty and I can use them for future guests, but I was unable to try out a few sugar-free syrups.

The Amazon page says that samples could vary.  I just wish some could have been sugar-free.

Since my credit can only be used on Amoretti Syrup, I will still order a full-sized sugar-free one and hope I like it.  But unless you already use coffee syrups and would definitely order a full-size afterwards, I’d probably steer away from this sample box–just because the credit is so limited.

But if you use syrups, this is a great way to get a “free” 8-piece sampler with the purchase of a full-size afterwards.

The credit is good until December of 2016, giving you time to try the syrup out.

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  1. Same thing with me. I specifically chose this one because they showed a sugar free variety in the picture. I received all full sugar varieties.

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