Packing Tips to Prevent “Clothing Problems”

A business traveler has to pack for multiple occasions at once, so it is essential to have solutions for any “clothing problems” that might pop up.  Here’s my list of clothing-problems-prevention-tools that I pack with me on every trip (as well as one I suggest avoiding, though they advertise widely!)

Recently, I went to a multi-day event where the opening was business formal and the rest of the conference was business casual–save for one fun “casual” day.  Oh, and I was flying into a black-tie affair.  Phew, that’s a lot to keep on hand, so I try to keep my packing minimal.  But what happens if I run into an issue with one of my outfits?

To minimize last-minute shopping and the incentive to over pack, I’ve started carrying these wardrobe savers with me.

Hollywood Fashion Tape can Tame the Worst Fashion Problems

Hollywood Fashion Tape

Out of all the products I’m listing, this is my #1.

This tape basically is great at sticking to clothing and sticking to skin.  So if a dress isn’t falling the way you thought it would, or more commonly, is stretching out and becoming more revealing than you expected, just slap some fashion tape on and hold it in place.

I seriously keep this in my purse at all times.  If I notice a potential problem happening at work–BAM! Taped into place.

Miss Oops erases any deodorant related clothing problems.

Miss Oops Rescue Sponge

Silk shells look great under suits, but they are often pretty form fitting.  In pulling them on, I sometimes manage to transfer a lot of my deodorant onto them!  And I’m clumsy–I may run to touch up my makeup at a formal event and POOF!  I’ve sprayed powder all over myself.  What do I do?

I’m not really sure how the physics of this work because it looks like a normal sponge.  I’ve tried a normal sponge when I was missing my Miss Oops, and it does not work.  But all I need to do is rub the spot with this sponge and it picks up deodorant marks and powder mishaps easily.

The only other solution I’ve found was to use a very lightly damped towel to wipe the spot, but that leaves an obvious wet mark on my satin and silk outfits for the next twenty minutes.  These can be kept in your purse and used to snag deodorant marks you missed (or caused when trying on clothing at the mall–oops).  And yes, I do wear too much deodorant if I’m doing that.

Strap Tamers can help fix clothing problems.

Strap Tamers

I was skeptical of this product, but really needed something like this–so I tried it.  I have tiny-sloping shoulders.  So this means my dress straps are constantly trying to slide down. I even tend to buy petite dresses, and I still run into this problem.  Luckily, most dresses come with a snap inside of each strap to connect the straps to your bra.

I took these for granted.  But recently, I reached into the backseat of my car before heading into a meeting.  I heard a “SNAP!”  I figured I had unsnapped the dress-connected, but it turns out I ripped it out.  I’m amazed at my Hulk-like strength, but I was very uncomfortable during the meeting.  I think it looks disheveled to have misaligned straps, and lifting the strap back up got awkward.

Immediately after the meeting, I ordered these on Amazon with no prior knowledge about them.  I was really suspicious, but I needed a solution that would fix this in the future.

Soon after I got them, I managed to tear the snaps out of a dress I was wearing to meet up with a friend.  I snapped it in and presto!

Strap Tamers fixed my clothing issue.

My strap didn’t look perfect, so you can see a little bit of bunching.  But it still looks neat, and it saved the outfit for the day.  I feel 100% comfortable in relying on these in the future.

*They* aren’t 100% comfortable, but they are extremely effective.  Just be careful not to pin your hair into it, and prepare for a red-mark on your shoulder afterwards.

Strap Tamer in action fixing my clothing problems :D

It pins into the dress and the bra strap slides right onto it.  The first time I used it, I found it difficult to pin because I tried to pin it with the dress still on.  Duh, Jeanne.  After that, it was a breeze.

And onto the dud…

This product is advertised on TV.  It is huge.  And it is annoying to use.


Style Snaps!  Just stick onto your clothing and snap… out of frustration that it keeps falling off.

These are supposed to be instant-hemmers.  And they seem excessively large.


The first time I used this was on a skirt hem.  A normal cotton skirt, and the style snaps fell off within an hour.  They didn’t stick to my clothing at all.  (My shoe when I stepped on it was another matter…)

Style Snaps also recommended using them on shirts.  I like to be more modest in the office, so I tried it on a wrap shirt I wanted to wear out after work.

First, you can see the outline of the style snap through the shirt.  Then I leaned forward, and I’m still not quite sure how, but the Style Snap launched off my shirt.  Luckily, this all happened before I left the house.  But I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

What are your style-emergency must haves?

*Please note, the products I recommended will give me affiliate credit if you purchase, and I appreciate your support! Feel free to search for the products on affiliate free–I don’t mind!  I did not link to the Style Snaps, and do not recommend you purchase.


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  1. Love the recommendations! I have the Hollywood fashion tape but I’m going to have to get the “Miss Oops Rescue Sponge” since I seem to have that same problem a lot.

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