The Nutritional Information of the Hyatt Place Gallery Menu (and Breakfast)

I try to keep an eye on what I eat while traveling for work.  If I’m gone most of a good month, I try to make sure I’m eating healthy while on the road.

It’s easy to get into the mindset of “but I’m on vacation,” especially when you have friends in most of the towns you travel to.

One thing I have been interested in are the calorie counts of the Hyatt Place Gallery Menu, as well as their breakfast items.

Thanks to some cities requiring calorie counts, I’ve got them!

The Gallery Menu is an affordable non-room service.  You call down and order food and they call you when it is ready.  You go down and grab the food from them and run back upstairs.

The tip is built into the price so the meals end up being more affordable than eating at a restaurant.  So I can snack on dinner at a leisurely pace in my hotel room without worrying about blowing my work budget.

In case you were interested, here it is the Austin Menu (which has the same items as the rest of the menus).

Hyatt Place Gallery Menu with Calories


Hyatt Place Menu Calories.2


The part I’m the most excited about is seeing how many calories are in the breakfast items.  I like the Croissant option better and I’m happy to see it’s (relatively) healthier 😀

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  1. PS generally what do you do? I am always interested (covetous) in finding out what FF-business travelers do. I need to break into it whatever it is!

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It isn’t so much the industry as it is the role. I’m sort of a recruiter, so I travel a lot for that. People in Sales and who deal with Customer Relationships travel a lot. In non-profits, a lot of fundraising positions travel a lot. And managers who help set up new branches/problem solving. Consultants travel a lot too.

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