Now’s Your Chance to Make Brookstone Less Pricey


Edit:  And coupon is already dead.  Any coupon that gets released will stack with this though.  You can look around for coupons and buy once you confirm it stacks.  The LivingSocial is on sale through tomorrow, and since today is the last day for the coupons, watch out tomorrow to see if any get released.  For $10 off $80, use AFF625

When I walk through the airport, Brookstone is my guilty pleasure.  I’d never pay full price for their items, but they are still pretty cool (and a lot more useful than SkyMall).

Living Social has a $50 certificate to Brookstone for $25.  This is applicable towards shipping, and usable in stores.

Use coupon code VETERANS10 for 10% off the order.

Brookstone gives 6 points per dollar in the Ultimate Rewards store, and 15% cashback on Discover.  I haven’t tried this (but don’t see any reason why it won’t work), but you may be able to double dip by using the Discover Store to get the Groupon itself for 5% off.  DiscoverMore Cards also are paying a bonus on Online Purchase this month.  If you do not have a Discover Card, most reward programs award a few points for Groupon.

Disclaimer: I do not get any credit if you purchase this, but I hope you enjoy your credit towards Brookstone.

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