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  1. I have been obsessively checking our accounts since I heard about the security breach a couple of weeks ago. I, too, would be quite upset of it were compromised. In fact, I think I am going to be doing some password changes today. Under the circumstances, however,I think US did all they could do for you. Your miles were reinstated with a new account number and, worthless or not, they made an offer of credit monitoring.. Maybe at this point you should get that credit card replaced by the issuer. Sorry this happened to you.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yes, I’m happy with what I got. I’m thinking about a non-elite whose account stops working, has recently changed their phone number on the account, and can’t be told anything until they receive this letter in the mail–that would be awful to wait for!

      Then again, I guess the average user doesn’t check their account as much as I do 😉

  2. Can you answer your security questions from someone else’s perspective instead? For instance, a parent, sibling, significant other, or best friend? I’ve never owned a dog, but I’ve heard so much about a certain one who lived and passed pre-internet/Facebook that he’s the answer to some of my questions. I know mother’s maiden name isn’t very safe anymore since people have photos with Grandma Smith or mothers who have Facebook accounts with both their maiden names and married names.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      My parent’s birth places aren’t actually their birthplaces, but places I would laugh if they were born in (just because of their personalities). I made this change to most my security questions after the wedding website compromised most my info, but now some (and I don’t know which!) of my fake answers were released.

      And my first dog is a dog no one knows the name of. They think my second dog was my first dog because that’s when the internet started so he became “real” 😉

      But I think your idea is a REALLY good one.

  3. The biggest crime here was that they sent the letters bulk mail instead of first class. Bulk mail can take weeks.
    Also instead of life lock they should have given you miles to make up for the problem. I’m just sayin,

  4. This post made me check my account right away!

  5. Keri’s Dad, here. We got LifeLock a year ago… and while that would’t have prevented this… I feel much better having it. You probably already have it, come to think about it.

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