Snakes In a … Canadian Motel?

Snakes in a Canadian Motel!

Possibly vying for the set location for the next “Snakes on a…” movie, a Canadian Motel was found to be harboring forty African Ball Pythons.

The police discovered these four-and-a-half feet long creatures stuffed into storage boxes in the back of the hotel.

According to USA Today, Brandon James of the local SPCA commented:

“The snakes have been transported out of the area to reptile experts (in Ontario) the SPCA has good rapport with,” he said Friday night. The intent is to “adopt or find good homes” for the pythons, not sell them, he added.

James later followed up by exclaiming that he wanted these $$@#%!$ snakes out of this @#$@#%! Canadian Motel.

snakes in a canadian motel samuel_l_jackson_snakes_on_a_plane snakes in a canadian motel

The snakes were unavailable for comment.

Hat Tip to Cindy Ritzman on twitter.

Disclosure: No, James did not make that last comment.  Nor did Samuel L. Jackson appear in this snake-bust. Nor can snakes offer comments, but if they could, I bet they’d have a lot to say.


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  1. Awww… I love ball pythons! =)

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