Maybe This Is Why I Can Sleep So Easily On Airplanes

I sleep pretty well on airplanes.  I even take redeyes because I’m out cold during them.

My friends think I’m crazy because they don’t think it’s possible I sleep that well.

I think I figured out why I’m able to sleep so well.

This is me sleeping at home:

me and moxie

I apparently even do yoga in my sleep.

The story behind me holding my foot–ever since I was a baby, I always have held something in my right hand when sleeping.  The corner of my pillow, my blanket, a small stuffed animal…

I guess in the case, my foot was handy footy.

But I suppose if I can sleep like that, I can sleep anywhere.

I tend to conk out on take off, and I can’t help but fall asleep on landing.

When I was a figure skater, I’d fall asleep across some arena seats (even though they had permanently embedded armrests), so I think I just got used to the uncomfortable.

How about you?  How do you sleep on flights.

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  1. Lucky you. Once upon a time I could sleep 16 hours non stop but now somehow I cannot sleep more than 5 hours no matter how tired I am. I guess this has to do with aging process too. That dog is adorable. Does he also sleeps like you?

  2. I fall asleep on taxi, wake on decent, and for some reason fall asleep again on final decent. One day I’m going to find they just leave me be after deplaning.

    Two years ago I had back to back mechanical issues that my napping impacted, going PHX-YVR I woke up mid flight and looked out to see the Grand Canyon, I figured I must have dozed off for only as short time since I was still in AZ – my phone’s clock betrayed this as we should have been landing soon. Moments later the captain comes on to tell us that we had burned enough fuel now and were heading back to PHX to land, we were apparently working on just one engine since takeoff. My seat mate apologized, he said once he realized we weren’t going to die he decided to let me stay sleeping.

    Shortly after this, on the YVR-PHX run back I was on a 6 am flight, so of course I was asleep before we even pushed back. Violent shaking and noise woke me as we aborted takeoff to come to a skidding halt off the end of the runway, my seatmate this route could not stop laughing – she told me it must have been crazy to wake up in the middle of that sudden stop. Sadly we sat there for 3 hours before going to the gate, an idle plan is one I can’t sleep on – the engine noise whirs me to sleep normally.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I had situations like this before! Once I realized we were 1 hour past landing, and I had no idea where we were. I was about to ask my seatmate whether they had made any announcements, but then fell back asleep!

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